Club Uniforms

We are pleased to announce that Scody has released pricing for our tri suits for this season.
As has happened in the past, members have been given a discount from the Club on the prices Scody have given us, and for the first time ever, we have sponsors who have also contributed towards keeping prices for members down as well.
Similar to previous years, we are offering a few different styles of suits.
The sleeved suits below are the top of the line suit from Scody, which is why there is a big price difference between them and the standard suits.
The prices for the suits are as follows:

  • Sleeved: $180
  • Sleeveless: $85
  • Kids Suit (link to Scody website) $80
  • Crop top: $20

Orders for these suits are going in very soon so please email me if you want one.