Point Score Policy

Each finishing competitor complying with Triathlon Australia Race Competition Rules will receive 5 “participation” points.

  • In each grade (A, B, C, D, E and Juniors – Mini, Juniors – Big), additional “placing” points are allocated as such:
Male Place Points Female Place Points
1st 5 1st 5
2nd 4 2nd 4
3rd 3 3rd 3
4th 2 4th 2
5th 1 5th 1

  • An individual changing grade will take their “participation” points with them only.
  • Handicapper, one member of Executive Committee and the individual will decide on appropriate grading. Handicapper has the ultimate decision. Gradings will take consideration of, but are not limited to, the following factors:
  • Proximity to end of season (final point tally)
  • Competitors age
  • Competitors Potential
  • Improvement
  • Rate of improvement
  • Injury
  • Current “fitness”
  • Any individual graded A to D can compete in the short course (E grade) and will gain “participation” points only (no “placing” points).
  • Once an E grade competitor competes in another grade (A to D), they are then considered to be in that grade and are no longer eligible to receive points as an E grade competitor. They can still compete in E grade but will receive “participation” points only (no “placing” points).
  • Junior and Senior point scores are separate. Junior competitors are not eligible to transfer points from Junior to Senior grades or vice versa.
  • A competitor that does not finish a race for any unforeseen reason (accident, injury, mechanical issue, assisting another competitor, other) may receive “participation” points at the discretion of the Race Director. Non-finishers due to foreseen or “non willing” behaviour will receive no points.
  • Competitors that are assigned duties (such as Traffic Control) preventing them from competing, will receive “participation” points.
  • “Participation” points only are received for individuals competing in Handicap and Mystery Triathlon events (no “placing” points). Reverse Tri’s, Double and Triple Tri’s do attract “placing” points.
  • Team competitors do not receive points.
  • Participation is the focus of our club, but we also wish to encourage healthy competition. Promotion in grade should be viewed as success, and outweigh any detrimental affect on points tally.
  • Highest male and female point scorer from each grade at the end of the season are awarded the point score champion for their respective grade.