Our Club Championship Champions

Congratulations to everyone who raced, volunteered, or cheered at Saturday’s TriNSW Club Championships. The weather wasn’t that kind to us, but we put on a good show for such a small club.

Here are all the members’ results –

Beven Ernst 1:43:52
Aaron Hayward 1:44:17
Marc Dorfling 1:45:31
Simon Gay 1:47:57
Jarryd Tinson 1:49:07
Dave Fitzhardinge 1:50:06
Mel Geddes 1:50:51 (2nd in AG)
Josh Godwin 1:59:15
Sonia Kennedy 2:05:43
Irene Hunt 2:05:44
Lee Sullivan 2:09:33
Phil Brennan 2:10:57
Kristy Aldridge 2:12:01
Deb Tuckerman 2:13:47
Donna Taylor 2:14:30
Scott McKenzie 2:21:10
Keith Pearce 2:23:53 (1st in AG)
Dennis Fitzgerald 2:24:02
Monique Kusse 2:29:30

Full results can be found here.